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Multidimensional Ironing: Theory and Applications

Nicholas C. Bedard, Jacob K. Goeree, and Ningyi Sun

The Economy's Potential: Duality and Equilibrium

Jacob K. Goeree

Sealed-Bid Versus Ascending Spectrum Auctions

Nicholas C. Bedard, Jacob K. Goeree, Philippos Louis and Jingjing Zhang

S Equilibrium

Jacob K. Goeree and Bernardo García-Pola

Naivete and Sophistication in Initial and Repeated Play in Games

Bernardo García-Pola and Nagore Iriberri

Zero Intelligence in an Edgeworth Box

Brett Williams

Violations of First Order Stochastic Dominance

Brett Williams

A Note on Disappointment in Risk Elicitation Tasks

Brett Williams and Sameh Habib

Opening the Book: Information's Impact on Market Efficiency in the Lab

Brett Williams

Efficiency in Queuing Under Decentralized Mechanisms

Kristian López Vargas, Brett Williams, and Shuchen Zhao





Learning aversion and voting rules in collective decision making

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Conformity in the lab

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On sufficiency of dominant strategy implementation in environments with correlated types

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The all-pay auction with complete information and identity-dependent externalities

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Extremism drives out moderation

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Spectrum auction design: Simple auctions for complex sales

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An equilibrium analysis of the simultaneous ascending auction

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Communication & competition

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Three-player trust game with insider communication

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The Dynamic Vickrey Auction

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An experiment on supply function competition

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Generalized Reduced‐Form Auctions: A Network‐Flow Approach

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Harmful signaling in matching markets

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The arguments of utility: Preference reversals in expected utility of income models

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Preference Signaling in Matching Markets

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Uncertain Demand, Consumer Loss-aversion, and Flat-rate Tariffs

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On the Equivalence of Bayesian and Dominant Strategy Implementation

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Stable allocations and market design

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Communication and efficiency in competitive coordination games

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How groups reach agreement in risky choices: an experiment

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An Experimental Study of Collective Deliberation

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Stationary Concepts for Experimental 2 X 2 Games: Comment

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Price Discovery in Emissions Permit Auctions

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Asymmetric reduced form Auctions

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Correlated Individual Differences and Choice Prediction

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An Experimental Study of Auctions versus Grandfathering to Assign Pollution Permits

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Hierarchical package bidding: A paper & pencil combinatorial auction

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An Experimental Test of Flexible Combinatorial Spectrum Auction Formats

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The 1/d Law of giving

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An Experimental Analysis of Auctioning Emission Allowances Under a Loose Cap

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Can groups solve the problem of over-bidding in contests?

Sheremeta and Zhang, Social Choice and Welfare, 35(2), 1175–197, 2010

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